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Motorcycle Needlepoint Belt

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Feel the subtle imperfections of the pavement, the hug of every curve, the roar of the engine on the straights, and the cool wind on your face. A fabulous needlepoint belt for those who love their motorcycle!


  • Free Monogram
  • Needlepointed by Hand
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Solid Brass Buckle

Sizing Instructions

Your waist size or pant size is NOT your belt size.  Normally the belt size is 2-3 inches larger than the pant.  Since our products are made to order, please measure to the hole most worn if possible.  

How to Measure

If you don't have access to an existing belt, please order 3 inches larger than the pant size.  Also note, we can create odd sizes, let us know in the monogram field and order the size down.  


Our belts are needlepointed by hand and it will take us 7-12 weeks to stitch and finish your needlepoint belt. Please take your time when reviewing and measuring prior to us making the needlepoint belt.