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Sports Belts

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  • Hockey Gear Needlepoint Belt

    Hockey Gear Needlepoint Belt


    Details Hockey is not a sport for the passive player. Fearless combatants and relentless competitors, with fast moving action. When your done jumping onto the ice for your next shift, be sure to wear our Hockey Gear needlepoint belt.Features Free...

  • Bicycle Needlepoint Belt

    Bicycle Needlepoint Belt


    Details Fun for all ages, recreationally or competitively, you just never forget how to ride a bicycle. Our Bicycle needlepoint belt, is the perfect gift idea for your cycling enthusiast! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Baseball Needlepoint Belt

    Baseball Needlepoint Belt


    Details "Take me out to the ball game! . . . " Ahh, the seventh inning stretch! You love baseball, a game of which you have enjoyed as a kid, and as an adult. Whether your a sideline spectator or actively play the game of baseball, we know that you'll...

  • Basketball Needlepoint Belt

    Basketball Needlepoint Belt


    Details Your favorite sport is basketball which involves plenty of dribbling, dunking, free throws, passing, playing the rebounds, and with one goal in mind -- shoot the ball through the hoop! Whether your a sideline spectator or actively...

  • World Soccer Needlepoint Belt

    World Soccer Needlepoint Belt


    Details For the fans of the most popular pastime around the world, we have designed a belt for you! Our World Soccer needlepoint belt features colorful soccer balls in a variety of different patterns.  Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by...

  • Swimming Needlepoint Belt

    Swimming Needlepoint Belt


    Details Perhaps you're a competitive swimmer and love to practice swim stokes, or just lounging around the pool on a floaty is more your speed. Glide effortlessly through the water; and when you're on dry land and dressed, don't forget to wear your new...

  • Mountain Skiing Needlepoint Belt

    Mountain Skiing Needlepoint Belt


    Details Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The more it snows the better the skiing! Whether your a fan of a double black diamond, the blues, or green runs, we know you'll be a fan of this needlepoint belt.  Features Free...

  • Jockey Silks Needlepoint Belt

    Jockey Silks Needlepoint Belt


    Jockey's Silks Details The Jockey Silks needlepoint belt is sure to catch everybody's eye at next years Derby party. featuring colorful Jockey Silks, in classic patterns.  Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Colorful Croquet Needlepoint Belt

    Colorful Croquet Needlepoint Belt


    Details For the serious player, croquet is a game requiring skill, strategy and tactics. For others, croquet is a casual, relaxing, and fun game for the whole family. No matter what your level of seriousness, we know you will enjoy wearing this colorful...

  • Derby Day Needlepoint Belt

    Derby Day Needlepoint Belt


    Details You love the Kentucky Derby! The betting, the awards ceremony, the mint juleps, and of those wonderful hats. No matter what your love of the sport; we know you'll love wearing the colorful touch we've added to this needlepoint belt! Features ...

  • Fairway Woods Needlepoint Belt

    Fairway Woods Needlepoint Belt


    Details It's okay, skip work today and let's go play golf! The fairway wood is definitely your favorite club; nothing better than sending that little white ball as far as you can down the fairway. This wood club head is still a classic, and looks...

  • Penguins On Par Needlepoint Belt

    Penguins On Par Needlepoint Belt


    Details Perfect putting is par for these penguins! They have even brought their favorite beverage to enjoy while playing a round of eighteen holes. The perfect gift accessory for the golfer who has it all. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand...