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Preppy Wallets

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  • My Favorite Flag Needlepoint Wallet

    My Favorite Flag Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Every flag has a fascinating story to tell, along with its unique colors, shapes and symbols. On this needlepoint wallet canvas, we will create your favorite flag design on one side, and your monogram on the other side. Features Free...

  • Boulder Flatirons Needlepoint Wallet

    Boulder Flatirons Needlepoint Wallet


    Details These striking, slanted, reddish-brown sandstone formations are considered Boulder, Colorado's most iconic landmark. Offering the quintessential view while in Boulder, these flatirons are also home to a vast wildlife, many hiking trails, and...

  • Cape Cod Needlepoint Wallet

    Cape Cod Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Cape Cod is your go to summer destination. The familiar shape of this island along with the American flag, combines well to represent your favorite place to spend time and relax. Makes for the perfect preppy...

  • Morehead State University Eagle Needlepoint Wallet

    Morehead State University Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Morehead State University Eagles introduced "Beaker" into their family in 1993. "Beaker" became an integral part of this universities sporting events, and is often found doing the "chicken dance" or fooling around with his buddies on the...

  • Franklin and Marshall Diplomats College Needlepoint Wallet

    Franklin and Marshall College Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Go Diplomats! Franklin & Marshall College has two official diplomatic mascots and namesakes: Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall, giving this school the nick name "the Diplomats". Let your student show their school spirit with this...

  • Christopher Newport University CNU Captain Needlepoint Wallet

    Christopher Newport University Needlepoint Wallet


    Details That all familiar seafaring swashbuckler with a cape on his back, a feather in his hat, and a sword in his hand, represents a grand tradition for this university! This needlepoint wallet is rich in royal blue and silver, with the beautifully...

  • Preppy Pointing Dog Needlepoint Wallet

    Preppy Pointing Dog Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Is cultivating a classic, simple look your style? Let our Preppy Pointing Dog, point you in the right direction to achieve the perfect classic preppy style! Features Free Monogram (in order first Last middle FLM (last name larger) or first...

  • Scales of Justice Needlepoint Wallet

    Scales of Justice Needlepoint Wallet


    Details The familiar "Scales of Justice" were originally held by Lady Justice as a symbol of fairness and impartiality in the execution of the law. This ancient Egyptian symbol; is still relevant today with the scales being used in many western...

  • Aztec Needlepoint Wallet

    Aztec Needlepoint Wallet


    Details The clean lines, simple color palette and sharp blocks of color keep this design elegant and eye catching! Are you looking for some variety and something very unique for your next gift idea? Look no further, our Aztec needlepoint wallet will fit...

  • WTF Color Needlepoint Wallet

    WTF Color Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Short, sweet, and to the point! Expressing yourself in the most colorful way possible may be your style. Colorful typography, graphic color blocks and a bit of text language make for a fun needlepoint wallet. Features Free Monogram (in order...

  • Republican Needlepoint Wallet

    Republican Needlepoint Wallet


    Details This familiar elephant icon was invented in 1874, by Thomas Nast in a political cartoon that appeared in "Harpers Weekly". Today that image is still used as a symbol of the Republican party. We have designed a Republican needlepoint wallet so...

  • Democratic Needlepoint Wallet

    Democratic Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Get out and vote! And don't forget to show-off your Democratic needlepoint wallet at the polls. Featuring the familiar strong-willed animal, a donkey, made famous by Andrew Jackson in his 1828 presidential campaign. Features Free Monogram...