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Hunting Flasks

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  • Hunters Camouflage Needlepoint Flask

    Hunters Camouflage Needlepoint Flask


    Details This is one thoughtful gift you can give and know he'll use everytime he goes hunting! Featuring a bold camouflage design with a majestic elk, and personalized with the hunter's monogram or initials. Features Free Monogram (in order first...

  • Canada Goose Needlepoint Flask

    Canada Goose Needlepoint Flask


    Details The Canada Goose or "Canadian Goose" as known in the states; are not only beautiful in their graceful flight, but abundant in golf courses, parks, and often your very own lawn. The perfect gift idea for the wildlife enthusiast! Features Free...

  • Quail Needlepoint Flask

    Quail Needlepoint Flask


    Details We have three quail hunting tips for you on your next adventure. One: Bring your dog to help you on your hunt. Two: Walk into the wind, the quail won't hear you. Three: don't forget to bring your Quail needlepoint flask, sometimes it can be...

  • Mallard Landscape Needlepoint Flask

    Mallard Landscape Needlepoint Flask


    Details One of the most recognizable ducks; the Mallard "drake" has such beautifully distinctive coloring: white neck ring, yellow bill, gray flanks, green head and black tail-curl. The mallard is wonderfully depicted on our flask, and sure to make this...