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Totally Custom, Timelessly Preppy

Hunting Belts

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  • Duck Hunting Needlepoint Belt

    Duck Hunting Needlepoint Belt


    Details Designed for the avid duck hunter, this needlepoint belt features: a mallard, blue-winged teal, wood duck, a beretta shotgun, a shotgun shell, and a red and white english setter.Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • On Sale!
    Hunting and Fishing Needlepoint Belt

    Hunting and Fishing Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $165.00
    Now: $125.00

    Details If you enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory; the mountains and water ways, along with hunting and fishing. We know you'll love wearing our handcrafted Hunting and Fishing needlepoint belt! Features Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Grand Slam Turkey Needlepoint Belt

    Grand Slam Turkey Needlepoint Belt


    Details One of the biggest feats in turkey hunting, is a Grand Slam". Harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slam competitions, and you've completed a "slam". Beautifully designed, this belt includes from...

  • Fox Hunting Needlepoint Belt

    Fox Hunting Needlepoint Belt


    Details The chase of a fox by elegantly dressed "red coated" huntsmen and a pack of hounds, was truly a favorite traditional English pastime. You'll love wearing this action packed landscape needlepoint belt design!Features Free...

  • Sporting Clays Needlepoint Belt

    Sporting Clays Needlepoint Belt


    Details Sporting clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting, designed to simulate the hunting of ducks, pheasants, and other upland birds. A great sport to fine tune one's wingshooting skills in the off-season, especially when wearing this needlepoint...

  • Preppy Mallard Needlepoint Belt

    Preppy Mallard Needlepoint Belt


    Details Mother nature has a way of creating beautiful color combinations to adorn the environment. A mallard duck is no exception; with his distinctive green head, black tail-curl, white neck ring and yellow bill. Wear the beautiful colors nature...

  • Desert Camo Needlepoint Belt

    Camo Needlepoint Belt


    Details Military camouflage was created in the 20th century.  Our artist have created a classic pattern that is available in Blue, Desert, and Green. This is a needlepoint belt we know you'll love wearing! *Please indicate...

  • Bobwhite Quail Needlepoint Belt

    Bobwhite Quail Needlepoint Belt


    Details With a familiar whistled "bob-white" quail call, the syllables are widely spaced and slow. These birds are hunted exclusively as game birds, and can be found in agricultural fields, grasslands, open woodland areas, roadsides and wood edges. We...

  • Camouflage Pink Needlepoint Belt

    Camouflage Pink Needlepoint Belt


    Details Perfectly pink and positively powerful - blend in or stand out with style! You will be ready for any adventure when wearing this camouflage needlepoint belt with the perfect blend of pinks. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top...

  • Waterfowl Hunting Needlepoint Belt

    Waterfowl Hunting Needlepoint Belt


    Details A beautifully crafted needlepoint belt for the duck hunter or those who simply enjoy the great outdoors!Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid Brass Buckle Sizing Instructions Your waist size or pant...

  • Big Game Profile Needlepoint Belt

    Big Game Profile Needlepoint Belt


    Details Featured on this belt are three of the largest game animals that you can hunt in Colorado: the moose, an elk and a buck. A unique and personal gift idea for the big game hunter in your family.   Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by...

  • Big Game Needlepoint Belt

    Big Game Needlepoint Belt


    Details Our Big Game needlepoint belt will make a great gift for the sportsman who loves to spend plenty of time outdoors. Wonderfully illustrated are the: moose, an elk, and a buck.Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid...