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Flag Belts

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  • Maine State Needlepoint Belt

    Maine State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Maine is known for its rocky coastlines, long maritime history, abundant parks and reserves. They are also known for the wonderful seafood cuisine, especially clams and lobster. This needlepoint belt incorporates the shape of Maine and the US...

  • Illinois State Needlepoint Belt

    Illinois State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Illinois is "the Land of Lincoln"! President Lincoln is recognized for his nobel vision, and is one of the countries most enduring symbols of democracy, Wear our Illinois State needlepoint belt, combining the state's shape and the US flag...

  • Florida State Needlepoint Belt

    Florida State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Florida is a peninsula, and the most southeastern state in the United States. Nicknamed the "Sunshine State", what's not to love about this peninsula located between the Atlantic ocean and gulf of Mexico. This unique belt, is stitched with the...

  • California State Needlepoint Belt

    California State Needlepoint Belt


    Details California is home to a variety of terrain: cliff-lined beaches, mountains, farmland, redwood forests and the Mojave Desert. Show your love for this state and wear our California State needlepoint belt with a combination of this state's shape...

  • Arizona State Needlepoint Belt

    Arizona State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Arizona is home to the world famous Grand Canyon -- the mile deep canyon carved by the Colorado river. Also known for their consistent sunny weather which is so beautifully depicted on their state flag. A colorful gift idea incorporating...

  • Wisconsin Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Wisconsin Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details America's dairyland, Wisconsin is one of the nations leading producers of dairy, and particularly famous for their cheese. This flag is on a dark blue background, and states the motto "Forward". Also on this flag is a badger -- the state animal,...

  • Washington Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Washington Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details Washington has the only green flag in America, as well as the only flag with the image of an American president on it. This Pacific-Northwest state has terrain spanning the snow-capped Cascade mountains to forested islands in Puget Sound...

  • Utah Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Utah Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Utah state flag includes three main elements: the Sego Lily -- the state flower representing peace; a bald eagle -- symbolizing protection in peace and war; and the beehive -- representing industry hard work and progress. Features Free...

  • South Dakota Flag Needlepoint Belt

    South Dakota Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details South Dakota is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes. These tribes composed a significant portion of the population and historically dominated the entire territory. This wonderful flag has a field of sky blue, the state...

  • South Carolina Flag Needlepoint Belt

    South Carolina Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details South Carolina has a flag which is based on one of the first Revolutionary War flags. The state troops were clothed in blue, and wore a silver crescent on their caps representing the blue background, and the crescent on this flag. Also depicted...

  • Pennsylvania Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Pennsylvania Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Pennsylvania state flag features symbolism of this states strengths. Depicted is a ship carrying state commerce to all parts of the world; and a clay-red plough symbolizing the rich natural resources of the state. There are three golden...

  • Oregon Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Oregon Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The front of Oregon's flag displays part of their state seal, and the back of the flag shows the state animal -- the beaver. This is the only flag in the United states to display different images on the front and the back. A unique and clever...