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Flag Belts

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  • Minnesota State Needlepoint Belt

    Minnesota State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Minnesota is a state rich in cultural tradition and diverse groups of people. Celebrating ethnic heritage events such as Native American Powwows, Juneteenth, Cinco de Mayo, Octoberfest, and the Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival. Our Minnesota...

  • Massachusetts State Needlepoint Belt

    Massachusetts State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Massachusetts is known for its significant Colonial history, having many sites related to the American Revolution. This belt makes a great gift for the Massachusetts resident or visitor alike, with this state's shape and the US flag...

  • Kentucky State Needlepoint Belt

    Kentucky State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Kentucky with its largest city of Louisville, is home to the Kentucky derby. A renowned horse racing event held at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May. Our Kentucky State needlepoint belt, features this state's unique shape...

  • Georgia State Needlepoint Belt

    Georgia State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Georgia is located in the southeastern United States, and has plenty of diverse terrain! This state was named after King George II, of England, and we're pretty sure King George would approve of our beautifully stitched needlepoint belt with...

  • Connecticut State Needlepoint Belt

    Connecticut State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Do you love Connecticut, with its small towns, rural areas, and a blend of coastal cities like Mystic, with their seaport filled with century old ships? Our needlepoint belt of this state's shape and the US flag will please any...

  • West Virginia Flag Needlepoint Belt

    West Virginia Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This flag design is on a pure solid white background bordered on four sides by a stripe of blue, and the coat of arms of West Virginia, wreathed by rhododendron branches. A wonderful and clever gift idea.  Features Free...

  • Vermont Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Vermont Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details Vermont is known as a major producer of maple syrup, and is home to over one hundred 19th century covered wooden bridges. This northeastern New England state has a beautiful natural landscape, with most of its area being forested. This belt...

  • Ohio Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Ohio Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Buckeye State! This state has the only flag in the United States that is not rectangular. Famous for the "Birthplace of Aviation", this midwestern state stretches from the Ohio River and Appalachian Mounts in the south, to Lake Erie in the...

  • North Carolina Flag Needlepoint Belt

    North Carolina Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details North Carolina has three main geographic regions: the Atlantic coastal plains, the central Piedmont region, and the mountainous region in the west which is part of the Appalachian Mountains. Our North Carolina Flag needlepoint belt is a great...

  • New Mexico Flag Needlepoint Belt

    New Mexico Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details New Mexico, the has a flag with sacred meaning to the Zia. Using four as the sacred number, symbolizing the circle of life: the four directions, the four stages of life, the four times of the day, and the four seasons. The circle in the middle...

  • Maryland Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Maryland Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details Maryland and its culinary specialty -- the blue crab, and abundant waterways and coastlines, create one wonderful place to live or visit. Give the gift of our Maryland Flag needlepoint belt . . . it will be a gift they...

  • Kansas Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Kansas Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details "Jayhawkers" is a fitting name for Kansas! That was the original name for the fighters who clashed against the pro-slavery groups from Missouri. Another state rich in history, with a flag that is made up of the Kansas state seal and a sunflower...