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Flag Belts

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  • Tennessee State Needlepoint Belt

    Tennessee State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Wear this beautifully stitched needlepoint belt, and be the envy of all the Tennessee residents. Complete with this state's shape on the background of solid color. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid Brass Buckle...

  • Massachusetts State Needlepoint Belt

    Massachusetts State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Massachusetts is known for its significant Colonial history, having many sites related to the American Revolution. This belt makes a great gift for the Massachusetts resident or visitor alike, with this state's shape and the US flag...

  • Iowa State Needlepoint Belt

    Iowa State Needlepoint Belt


    Details Iowa, is a state known for its landscape of rolling plains and cornfields. Iowa's flag was created after the Louisiana purchase, reminiscent of the flag of France. With the unique combination of this state's shape and flag, this belt makes a...

  • Texas Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Texas Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This "Lone Star State" flag is a symbol of Texas' independent spirit, and gave rise to this states official nickname. This flag is highly popular among Texans; with blue representing loyalty, the white meaning purity, and the red standing...

  • Oklahoma Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Oklahoma Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This needlepoint belt features the Oklahoma flag which honors more than 60 groups of native Americans and their ancestors. Centered on a blue field is the shield of an Osage warrior, made of buffalo hide, and decorated with eagle feathers...

  • New Mexico Flag Needlepoint Belt

    New Mexico Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details New Mexico, the has a flag with sacred meaning to the Zia. Using four as the sacred number, symbolizing the circle of life: the four directions, the four stages of life, the four times of the day, and the four seasons. The circle in the middle...

  • Maryland Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Maryland Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details Maryland and its culinary specialty -- the blue crab, and abundant waterways and coastlines, create one wonderful place to live or visit. Give the gift of our Maryland Flag needlepoint belt . . . it will be a gift they remember! Features Free...

  • Kentucky Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Kentucky Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Kentucky flag features two men: one being Daniel Boone the famous frontiersman, and Henry Clay, the famous statesman. A fun and historic flag which is featured on our Kentucky flag needlepoint belt.  Features Free Monogram Needlepointed...

  • Hawaii Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Hawaii Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details What's not to love about Hawaii and its tropical climate? Big volcanoes, and an abundance of beaches, no wonder this is a popular vacation destination. We think you'll also love our Hawaii Flag needlepoint belt! Features Free Monogram...

  • Georgia Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Georgia Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This state was named after King George II, of England, and we're pretty sure King George would approve of our beautifully stitched needlepoint belt with the Georgia state flag! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid...

  • Florida Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Florida Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details Nicknamed the "Sunshine State", what's not to love about this peninsula located between the Atlantic ocean and gulf of Mexico. Give a unique gift of this needlepoint belt, for that hard to buy for person! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by...

  • Arkansas Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Arkansas Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details Arkansas is nicknamed the "Natural State" and was the 25th state admitted to the United States. Show your pride for this state and wear our needlepoint belt wonderfully adorned with the Arkansas state flag. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed...