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Dog Flasks

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  • Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Flask

    Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Flask


    Details Any day is a good day, when this Boykin Spaniel gets to spend time with the family! Whether hunting or playing in the backyard; he's always friendly, mellow, and trainable, not to mention easy to recognize with that rich chocolate shade of brown...

  • Spaniel Needlepoint Flask

    Spaniel Needlepoint Flask


    Details Well today, even if the events involve chasing that little green ball around, it will be a great day! We think this fabulous dog looks great pictured on our Spaniel needlepoint flask. Why should your dog have all of the fun! Features Free...

  • On Sale!
    Shepherd Needlepoint flask

    Shepherd Needlepoint Flask

    Was: $95.00
    Now: $47.50

    Details The German Shepherd with its look of quality and nobility, is one of Americas most popular dog breeds. Featured on our Shepherd needlepoint flask, this is the perfect gift idea. In stock while supplies last. Features Needlepointed by...

  • Black Lab Needlepoint Flask

    Black Lab Needlepoint Flask


    Details A fabulous twist on a traditional accessory, our Black lab needlepoint flask is meticulously stitched, and assembled. Adorned with one of "man's best friends", a Black Lab, these dogs will always be there for you in work or at play...

  • Sheepadoodle Needlepoint Flask

    Sheepadoodle Needlepoint Flask


    Details A delightfully charming mix of an Old English sheepdog and a poodle! With a great personality and handsome good looks, this dog is exceptionally cuddly, and loves spending time with you and your family. Features Free Monogram (in order first...

  • English Bulldog Needlepoint Flask

    English Bulldog Needlepoint Flask


    Details Truly dignified and amusing at the same time, this English Bulldog comes with the perfect amount of personality and a great sense of humor. A brief nap, a walk, and another nap on the sofa, is definitely this dogs speed. A fun flask for any...