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Dog Belts

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  • Maltese Needlepoint Belt

    Maltese Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Maltese is the perfect companion dog! Affectionate, gentle, fearless, and sure to greet everyone as a friend! Our needlepoint belt is beautifully stitched and finished featuring this special little dog. Features Free...

  • Brown Dachshund Needlepoint Belt

    Brown Dachshund Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Brown Dachshund will make a wonderful addition to your family, with his curious, friendly and spunky personality. Often described as "Half a dog high and a dog and a half long." A fitting description for this clever, lively and courageous...

  • Yorkshire Terrier Needlepoint Belt

    Yorkshire Terrier Needlepoint Belt


    Details Weighing in at approximately seven pounds, sprightly and tomboyish; the Yorkshire Terrier is a bundle of energy, has plenty of enthusiasm, and best of all is very affectionate. This little "Yorkie" will add the perfect amount of personality...

  • Basset Hound Needlepoint Belt

    Basset Hound Needlepoint Belt


    Details Basset Hounds have the ability to be charming, gentle and even a bit lazy. With such traits, one would never imagine the superb scent-trailing skills of this hound. Add a whimsical touch to your next needlepoint belt, with this...

  • Pointer In The Sunflowers Needlepoint Belt

    Pointer In The Sunflowers Needlepoint Belt


    Details This dog is intelligent, even tempered, intensely loyal, the perfect hunting dog, and family pet. She'll be by your side when you go hunting, or hanging out in the backyard promising not to dig up your sunflowers. A unique needlepoint belt with...

  • Pointer Needlepoint Belt

    Pointer Needlepoint Belt


    Details This dog is intelligent, affectionate, intensely loyal, and makes for the perfect hunting dog, or family pet. She'll be by your side when you go hunting, or equally happy hanging out in the shade while watching you mow the lawn. This...

  • Irish Setter Needlepoint Belt

    Irish Setter Needlepoint Belt


    Details Outgoing, active, and sweet natured, the Irish Setter is known as an aristocratic bird dog. Best of all this wonderful dog makes a happy friendly companion who is always ready for action. This belt makes a unique gift idea! Features Free...

  • Yellow Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Yellow Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details The phrase "man's best friend" is especially true for the Yellow Lab. A dog who will always have your back, will be quick to forgive, and is always excited to join you in any adventure, especially if there is a little green ball involved...

  • Southwestern Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Southwestern Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details A southwestern stylized motif, soothing color palette and "man's best friend" a chocolate lab -- result in the perfect needlepoint belt, we know you'll enjoy wearing! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid...

  • Wire Haired Terrier Needlepoint Belt

    Wire Haired Terrier Needlepoint Belt


    Details He's cheerful, lovable, enthusiastic and playful! Featuring three playful poses, we know you will love wearing this needlepoint belt featuring your favorite breed of dog! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Chihuahua Needlepoint Belt

    Chihuahua Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Chihuahua is featured in three playful poses on this needlepoint belt. Beautifully illustrated with his lively, bold, and larger than life personality! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid Brass...

  • Papillon Needlepoint Belt

    Papillon Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Papillon makes for the perfect pet! Complete with beauty, brains, and versatility; not to mention he's always eager to join in on the family fun. You'll love wearing this needlepoint belt, featuring this charming little dog...