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Dog Belts

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  • Cavalier King Charles Needlepoint Belt

    Cavalier King Charles Needlepoint Belt


    Details Made popular by aristocrats; this dog is the perfect combination of even tempered, beauty, regal grace, and an affectionate family dog. If you love the Cavalier King Charles, you will love this needlepoint belt.  Features Free...

  • Airedale Terrier Needlepoint Belt

    Airedale Terrier Needlepoint Belt


    Details Known as the "King of the Terriers" the Airedale is the largest of the terrier breeds. Confident, intelligent and outgoing, Airedale owners especially enjoy this dog's playful streak. The perfect gift idea for those who love this dog breed...

  • Jack Russell Needlepoint Belt

    Jack Russell Needlepoint Belt


    Details This little dog is charming, affectionate, and bundled with a high amount of energy! We have designed a needlepoint belt for the Jack Russell lover to wear, with just the right amount of energy and plenty of personality. Features Free...

  • German Shepherd Needlepoint Belt

    German Shepherd Needlepoint Belt


    Details The German Shepherd with its look of nobility and quality, is one of Americas most popular dog breeds. Known for their intelligence, trainability, strength, and ability to work; this dog will also be your "best friend". A clever gift idea for...

  • Samoyed Needlepoint Belt

    Samoyed Needlepoint Belt


    Details With his thick white double layered coat to keep him warm, a Samoyed is smart, social, mischievous, and is always happy to greet you with that well known "samoyed" perpetual smile. The perfect gift idea for those who love this breed of...

  • Maltese Needlepoint Belt

    Maltese Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Maltese is the perfect companion dog! Affectionate, gentle, fearless, and sure to greet everyone as a friend! Our needlepoint belt is beautifully stitched and finished featuring this special little dog. Features Free...

  • Brown Dachshund Needlepoint Belt

    Brown Dachshund Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Brown Dachshund will make a wonderful addition to your family, with his curious, friendly and spunky personality. Often described as "Half a dog high and a dog and a half long." A fitting description for this clever, lively and courageous...

  • Yorkshire Terrier Needlepoint Belt

    Yorkshire Terrier Needlepoint Belt


    Details Weighing in at approximately seven pounds, sprightly and tomboyish; the Yorkshire Terrier is a bundle of energy, has plenty of enthusiasm, and best of all is very affectionate. This little "Yorkie" will add the perfect amount of personality...

  • Basset Hound Needlepoint Belt

    Basset Hound Needlepoint Belt


    Details Basset Hounds have the ability to be charming, gentle and even a bit lazy. With such traits, one would never imagine the superb scent-trailing skills of this hound. Add a whimsical touch to your next needlepoint belt, with this...

  • Gingham Labrador Retriever Needlepoint Belt

    Gingham Labrador Retriever Needlepoint Belt


    Details Cultivating a classic, simple look is your style; with clean-cut lines, modest tailoring and high quality fabrics. We have designed the perfect preppy belt; complete with "man's best friend" the Labrador Retriever, and a crisply detailed gingham...

  • Boston Terrier Needlepoint Belt

    Boston Terrier Needlepoint Belt


    Details Nicknamed the "American Gentleman", this dog has traditional black and white tuxedo-like markings. Amusing, bright, friendly, gentle and strong; this happy-go-lucky dog is a sheer delight. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top...

  • Rottweiler Needlepoint Belt

    Rottweiler Needlepoint Belt


    Details With his handsome good looks, the Rottweiler is known for his intelligence, strength, agility, confidence, and is a truly loving and loyal companion. In addition, this dog is never shy, and quite courageous. Features Free...