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Dog Belts

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  • Bernese Mountain Dog Needlepoint Belt

    Bernese Mountain Dog Needlepoint Belt


    Details A Bernese Mountain dog is sure to take up a fair amount of space in your car and your home, but he's good natured, calm and strong. A fun and clever needlepoint belt for a perfectly preppy polished look. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed...

  • English Bulldog Needlepoint Belt

    English Bulldog Needlepoint Belt


    Details Truly dignified, this English Bulldog comes with a gallon of personality and an amusing sense of humor. A brief walk and a nap on the sofa, is definitely this dogs speed. He's calm, courageous, friendly, and is playfully illustrated on this...

  • Welsh Corgi Needlepoint Belt

    Welsh Corgi Needlepoint Belt


    Details Affectionate, alert, smart, and polite, a Welsh Corgi makes the perfect pet. This "big dog on short legs" is the Queen of England's favorite dog; having had over 30 Corgis in her lifetime. Our Welsh Corgi needlepoint belt will definitely...

  • Beagle Needlepoint Belt

    Beagle Needlepoint Belt


    Details A Beagle thinks everyone is their new best friend! Curious, friendly, loving and oh so lovable. The most friendly of the hound breeds, a Beagle will often break into a musical baying howl when their people aren't home, or if there is a rabbit to...

  • Dachshund Needlepoint Belt

    Dachshund Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Dachshund makes an excellent family companion, with his curious, friendly and spunky personality. He was described by H.L. Mencken as "Half a dog high and a dog and a half long." A fitting description for this clever, lively and courageous...

  • Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details The phrase "man's best friend" is especially true for the Chocolate Lab. A dog who will always have your back, will be quick to forgive, and is always excited to join you in any adventure, especially if there is a little green ball involved...

  • Preppy Pug Needlepoint Belt

    Preppy Pug Needlepoint Belt


    Details Often described as "a lot of a dog in a small space". This pug has a wonderfully comical face. With deep wrinkles around his big dark eyes, and a flat round face, he can't help but make you smile. Our preppy pug needlepoint belt will also bring...

  • Electric Blue Black Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Black Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Black Lab Needlepoint Belt features our Brewster Silhouette, pointing to let you know there is something to see.  Choose from various color options, or get in touch with us about customizing your own version. Features Free...

  • Springer Spaniel Needlepoint Belt

    Springer Spaniel Needlepoint Belt


    Details Playful, trainable, and friendly toward people; the Springer Spaniel's talents aren't limited to the field; they also like tracking, obedience trials, fly ball and agility. You'll love wearing this belt with "mans best friend" depicted on it...

  • Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Belt

    Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Belt


    Details This belt design features the friendly, smart and easy to train, Boykin Spaniel with his easily recognized brown fur coat. Every Boykin Spaniel Belt order will go towards supporting the Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc! Features Free...

  • Airedale Terrier Needlepoint Belt

    Airedale Terrier Needlepoint Belt


    Details Known as the "King of the Terriers" the Airedale is the largest of the terrier breeds. Confident, intelligent and outgoing, Airedale owners especially enjoy this dog's playful streak. The perfect gift idea for those who love this dog breed...

  • Golden Retriever Needlepoint Belt

    Golden Retriever Needlepoint Belt


    Details A Golden Retriever will happily join you in any adventure! Devoted, friendly, intelligent, and best of all . . . a great family member. Whatever adventures you have in store for this dog, he will always be by your side. Features Free...