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Custom Needlepoint Belts

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  • Brewster Custom Needlepoint Belt

    Brewster Custom Needlepoint Belt


    Details The most special needlepoint belt is the one that is made just for you.  A Brewster Custom Needlepoint Belt will be 100% custom designed from the images you send to us and interpreted into needlepoint.  You can use favorite hobbies,...

  • Maritime Signal Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Maritime Signal Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The custom nautical maritime flag belt is perfect for the one who wants to sail everywhere. This design will be customized to order. The flags on this preview spell out "Jacob Payson Chamberlain”, so in the notes, be sure to mention...

  • Custom Golf Course Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Golf Course Needlepoint Belt


    Details It's hard to get up for work a six o'clock, but getting to the golf course for an early tee time is never a problem. Our Custom Golf Course needlepoint belt will appeal to players of all skill levels. We will design a custom belt based on your...

  • Custom Golf Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Golf Needlepoint Belt


    Details This stylish classic look is perfect for playing your next round of golf. We will design a custom golf belt especially for you based on your favorite golf images. Simply email your preferences to Features Free...

  • Custom Family Crest Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Family Crest Needlepoint Belt


    Details Your very own family crest collection, will be beautifully stitched onto a needlepoint belt for that one of a kind personalized gift idea. We will modify this design to include your father's family, mother's family, spouse's family, or the...

  • Custom Lacrosse Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Lacrosse Needlepoint Belt


    Details Sticks, helmets, balls, gloves, pads and cleats . . . a great deal of equipment for a fast paced sport. The one piece of equipment to remind you of your favorite sport when you're off of the field is our Custom Lacrosse needlepoint belt...

  • Custom Wine Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Wine Needlepoint Belt


    Details A good bottle of wine is brilliant, complex and approachable, blended with the perfect balance. One might say the same thing about our beautifully designed and stitched Custom Wine needlepoint belt. Featured here are: champagne, rose, cabernet,...

  • Custom College Campus Needlepoint Belt

    Custom College Campus Needlepoint Belt


    Details An amazing belt for an amazing college! Your custom college campus design will be created just for you. Your friends will be stunned by the quality of our stitching and the attention to detail by our designer. This is an example of the...

  • Custom Flags Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Flags Needlepoint Belt


    Details Our custom flags needlepoint belt includes the simplistic and colorful images, which are quickly recognized for the country they represent. The countries shown include: United States, England, Wales, Dominican Republic, Canada, Italy, Israel,...

  • Custom Burgee Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Burgee Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details You proudly display your distinguished burgee flag, while underway and at anchor. Now you can wear a custom needlepoint belt with your favorite burgee flag. We will customize this needlepoint belt with your club's burgee design, colors and...

  • Custom Crew Oars Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Crew Oars Needlepoint Belt


    Details You know that every member of your crew team is first rate! Whether your fielding competitive teams or rowing for recreational enjoyment; your team has an amazing amount of dedication, and abilities beyond superior. We've designed a needlepoint...

  • Custom Football Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Football Needlepoint Belt


    Details Maybe today is your day to be the arm chair quarterback, but the game will still be just as exciting. When you leave to go buy more snacks at half-time, don't forget to wear your new Custom Football needlepoint belt. This design can be...