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  • Custom Football Field Needlepoint Wallet

    Custom Football Field Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Today you're going to be the arm chair quarterback, but the game will still be just as exciting. When you leave during half-time to buy more snacks, don't forget to bring your new Football Field needlepoint wallet. When ordering your wallet: the...

  • Classic Sailing Needlepoint Wallet

    Classic Sailing Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Gently gliding along in your sailboat; the water is crisp, calm and the most gorgeous shade of blue. A day on the water is definitely preferred to a day on dry land, especially when you have this classically designed wallet in your back...

  • Island Sailing Needlepoint Wallet

    Island Sailing Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Slowly gliding along in your sailboat; the water is crisp, calm and the most gorgeous shade of blue. Off in the distance is a small island lushly covered with trees. Definitely a sight to behold. A unique gift accessory for those who...

  • Baseball Field Needlepoint Wallet

    Baseball Field Needlepoint Wallet


    Details "Take me out to the ball game". . . . Who doesn't love the seventh inning stretch! You love baseball, and watching the pros play in a classic field is the ultimate fun day out. You'll be sure to enjoy showing off your new needlepoint wallet...

  • Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Wallet

    Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Are you a paddle enthusiast? Our handsome Preppy Paddle needlepoint wallet will add the perfect amount of preppy style to your wardrobe accessories; including plenty of rich classic colors and a very tasteful design.  Features Free...

  • Sailing Regatta Needlepoint Wallet

    Sailing Regatta Needlepoint Wallet


    Details There is nothing more beautiful than a set of spinnakers filling with the wind! Racing downwind in a classic regatta setting, our wallet design features a group of colorful spinnakers on sailboats.  Features Free Monogram (in order...

  • English Bulldog Needlepoint Wallet

    English Bulldog Needlepoint Wallet


    Details This English Bulldog has a grand amount of personality, with his wrinkly short comical face! He's more likely to curl up on your lap, than chase a ball around the yard. Wonderfully illustrated and stitched, this needlepoint wallet makes the...

  • Golden Retriever Needlepoint Wallet

    Golden Retriever Needlepoint Wallet


    Details A "golden" is always happy to join you in any adventure! Friendly and intelligent; a golden retriever is a wonderful guide dog, loves to hunt, and best of all, is a devoted family member. This dog will always be by your side. Features Free...

  • Lehigh University Mountain Hawk Needlepoint Wallet

    Lehigh University Mountain Hawk Needlepoint Wallet


    Details "Clutch" the mountain hawk has replaced the "engineers" as the official mascot of Lehigh University. Although there is not a species known as the mountain hawk, it is not uncommon to spot hawks sailing over Lehigh's home on South Mountain. Show...

  • Deer Head Needlepoint Wallet

    Deer Head Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Hunting season is here! The avid deer hunter spends hours waiting to make the perfect shot. A great deal of patience, accuracy, and skill are involved. A great gift accessory for any sportsman's wardrobe.  Features Free Monogram (in...

  • Stand Up Paddling Needlepoint Wallet

    Stand Up Paddling Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Enjoy stand up paddling? Whether your out for a casual paddling excursion or looking for some more challenging water; you always just take the adventure in stride. We have designed a refreshingly colorful wallet to use, no matter what the...

  • South Carolina Flag Needlepoint Wallet

    South Carolina Flag Needlepoint Wallet


    Details The palmetto, became a symbol of liberty in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, because of the triumph of Fort Moultrie. Its success was largely accredited to the ability of the palmetto to absorb and negotiate British cannonballs. The...