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  • Lacrosse Needlepoint Wallet

    Lacrosse Needlepoint Wallet


    Details This sport has spread across the states with great popularity. You have all of the equipment you need for the sport, but we bet you don't have a Lacrosse needlepoint wallet. Enjoy it on or off of the field! Features Free Monogram (in order...

  • Monogram and US Flag Needlepoint Wallet

    Monogram and US Flag Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Show your national pride with this red, white and blue, wallet! Personalized with your monogram and the classic United States flag. A uniquely American gift idea. Features Free Monogram (in order first Last middle FLM (last name larger)...

  • Army West Point USMA Shield Needlepoint wallet

    Army Needlepoint Wallet


    Details West Point, the United States Military Academy, has produced soldier scholars for America, since 1802. This wallet portrays the "soldier scholar ideal" with its logo in black and gold; incorporating Athena's helmet symbolizing wisdom, and the...

  • Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Bifold Wallet

    Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Bifold Wallet


    Details The Boykin Spaniel is easily recognized with a liver or rich chocolate shade of brown. He's a friendly, smart and loving dog, and enjoys being with the family in any activity, or spending the day hunting with you. A percentage of the proceeds...

  • Classic Compass Needlepoint Wallet

    Classic Compass Needlepoint Wallet


    Details The compass rose has long been a symbol of exploring, traveling, and gives us a secure sense of direction. On this needlepoint wallet canvas, the compass rose along with your monogram, is stylish, sophisticated, and truly a classic look...

  • Basketball Needlepoint Wallet

    Basketball Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Most of us have spent hours in the driveway "shooting hoops" . . . as a kid, and as an adult. Plenty of dribbling, passing, free throws, no traveling, and with one goal in mind: shoot the ball through the hoop! Whether you're a driveway amateur,...

  • Skiing Needlepoint Wallet

    Skiing Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Perhaps you prefer a challenging blue slope as opposed to a double black diamond. Your kids are on the green slopes and your wife is a black diamond fan. No matter what your skiing ability is, you'll have fun paying for your next lift ticket...

  • Mallard Landscape Needlepoint Wallet

    Mallard Landscape Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Whether your a hunter or an environmentalist, you will be sure to enjoy this beautiful duck on our Mallard Landscape needlepoint wallet. This is a unique gift idea for the man who has everything. Features Free Monogram (in order first Last...

  • Surfing Needlepoint Wallet

    Surfing Needlepoint Wallet


    Details "Hang Loose"! Whether the waves are surging un-surfable monsters or easy rollers, you always just take everything in stride. We have designed a refreshingly colorful wallet to use, no matter what the conditions are. Fun for dress-up or...

  • Perfectly Plaid Needlepoint Wallet

    Perfectly Plaid Needlepoint Wallet


    Details We have designed this Perfectly Plaid wallet so you can create a "rugged look", or "classic with a little splash of tradition" look, in your back pocket . . . your choice. Features Free Monogram (in order first Last middle FLM (last name...

  • Island Sailing Needlepoint Wallet

    Island Sailing Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Slowly gliding along in your sailboat; the water is crisp, calm and the most gorgeous shade of blue. Off in the distance is a small island lushly covered with trees. Definitely a sight to behold. A unique gift accessory for those who...

  • Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Wallet

    Preppy Paddle Needlepoint Wallet


    Details Are you a paddle enthusiast? Our handsome Preppy Paddle needlepoint wallet will add the perfect amount of preppy style to your wardrobe accessories; including plenty of rich classic colors and a very tasteful design.  Features Free...