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  • Aztec Needlepoint Flask

    Aztec Needlepoint Flask


    Details Throughout history, primitive art designs and ornamentation were simple in construction, very decorative, and geometrically arranged with very few lines. We have designed our Aztec needlepoint flask, with a timely geometric design and updated...

  • Nantucket Needlepoint Flask

    Nantucket Needlepoint Flask


    Details Nantucket's nickname is "The little grey lady of the sea", referring to the island as it appears from the ocean when it is fogged in. You will love our Nantucket needlepoint flask, created with a unique red, white and blue design...

  • American Flag Needlepoint Flask

    American Flag Needlepoint Flask


    Details We have designed an American Flag needlepoint flask, we think even Betsy Ross would approve of. A fabulous gift idea for the "Stars and Stripes" fan. Features Free Monogram (in order first Last middle FLM (last name larger) or first middle...

  • WTF Color Needlepoint Flask

    WTF Color Needlepoint Flask


    Details Get to the point quickly, and use the most colorful expressions possible! This expression, whether used with a question mark or an exclamation mark at the end, is perfect in an array of conversations. Make this statement come alive with some...

  • Republican Needlepoint Flask

    Republican Needlepoint Flask


    Details In 1874, cartoonist Thomas Nast, drew a donkey in lions skin, scaring away all of the animals at the zoo. One of those animals, the elephant was labeled "the Republican Vote". The rest is history and that elephant still remains the Republican...

  • Democratic Needlepoint Flask

    Democratic Needlepoint Flask


    Details The "donkey" image was made popular by Andrew Jackson in his 1828 presidential campaign. His opponents called him a "jack ass", and he decided to use this image on his campaign posters. The rest is history and that donkey still remains the...

  • Classic Plaid Needlepoint Flask

    Classic Plaid Needlepoint Flask


    Details Plaid is extremely mathematical, making it extremely charged, bold and dynamic. Flannel fabric with plaid is truly a modern day favorite. This plaid flask makes for a traditional and modern statement, all on the same piece. Features Free...

  • Palm Tree Needlepoint Flask

    Palm Tree Needlepoint Flask


    Details Delightful images of tropical paradise, and sunny, sandy beach settings are never complete without a palm tree. Our Palm Tree needlepoint flask makes a great gift idea for the tropical paradise lover in your family. Features Free Monogram...

  • Nautical Needlepoint Flask

    Nautical Needlepoint Flask


    Details Do you prefer a life on the water! Fresh ocean air, sail boats, wide open spaces and a seagull or two. Set sail on your next nautical adventure, and don't forget to bring our Nautical needlepoint flask. Features Free Monogram (in order first...

  • Fly Fishing Needlepoint Flask

    Fly Fishing Landscape Needlepoint Flask


    Details You're chilled to the core, you've been standing in a cold river in your waders for hours, and nearly a nibble. Good thing you brought your Fly Fishing needlepoint flask you received as a gift from your beloved. A little warm up is in...

  • Mallard Landscape Needlepoint Flask

    Mallard Landscape Needlepoint Flask


    Details One of the most recognizable ducks; the Mallard "drake" has such beautifully distinctive coloring: white neck ring, yellow bill, gray flanks, green head and black tail-curl. The mallard is wonderfully depicted on our flask, and sure to make this...

  • Lobster Needlepoint Flask

    Lobster Needlepoint Flask


    Details We have created a twist on a classic accessory to compliment your fashion style, with our Lobster needlepoint flask. A unique monogramed accessory for yourself, or the person who has everything. Features Free Monogram (in order first Last...