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  • Bicycle Needlepoint Belt

    Bicycle Needlepoint Belt


    Details Fun for all ages, recreationally or competitively, you just never forget how to ride a bicycle. Our Bicycle needlepoint belt, is the perfect gift idea for your cycling enthusiast! Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Grand Slam Turkey Needlepoint Belt

    Grand Slam Turkey Needlepoint Belt


    Details One of the biggest feats in turkey hunting, is a Grand Slam". Harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slam competitions, and you've completed a "slam". Beautifully designed, this belt includes...

  • Baseball Needlepoint Belt

    Baseball Needlepoint Belt


    Details "Take me out to the ball game! . . . " Ahh, the seventh inning stretch! You love baseball, a game of which you have enjoyed as a kid, and as an adult. Whether your a sideline spectator or actively play the game of baseball, we know that you'll...

  • Dachshund Needlepoint Belt

    Dachshund Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Dachshund makes an excellent family companion, with his curious, friendly and spunky personality. He was described by H.L. Mencken as "Half a dog high and a dog and a half long." A fitting description for this clever, lively and courageous...

  • French Bulldog Needlepoint Belt

    French Bulldog Needlepoint Belt


    Details The french bulldog or "frenchies", were created to be a toy-sized version of the bulldog. Adaptable, playful, smart and loving, and oddly beautiful, this little dog has a special unique appeal. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by...

  • Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details The phrase "man's best friend" is especially true for the Chocolate Lab. A dog who will always have your back, will be quick to forgive, and is always excited to join you in any adventure, especially if there is a little green ball involved...

  • Beagle Needlepoint Belt

    Beagle Needlepoint Belt


    Details A Beagle thinks everyone is their new best friend! Curious, friendly, loving and oh so lovable. The most friendly of the hound breeds, a Beagle will often break into a musical baying howl when their people aren't home, or if there is a rabbit to...

  • Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt

    Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt


    Details An angler who appreciates the time and detail involved in creating and tying a fly, will appreciate the detail and craftsmanship put into this needlepoint belt. Featuring the flies that are exactly what is needed to catch that elusive fish...

  • Tufts University Needlepoint Belt

    Tufts University Campus Needlepoint Belt


    Details Charles Tufts donated the land for the Tufts University campus on Walnut Hill, the highest point in Medford. The campus is beautifully depicted on this needlepoint belt with images including: Jumbo, West Hall, Tisch Library, Memorial Steps,...

  • University of Pennsylvania Needlepoint Belt

    University of Pennsylvania Campus Needlepoint Belt


    Details This University of Pennsylvania has a rich history as the United States first university dating back to its founder Benjamin Franklin in 1740. The university shares ties with the colonial city of Philadelphia and the birth of our nation. We have...

  • On Sale!
    Blue Geometric Needlepoint Belt

    Blue Geometric Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $165.00
    Now: $145.00

    Details For work or for play, this blue geometric design is perfect for all occasions. This will be your new favorite "go to" needlepoint belt! Features Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid Brass Buckle Sizing Instructions Your waist...

  • Augusta National Golf Course Needlepoint Belt

    Augusta Georgia Landscape Golf Needlepoint Belt


    Details One of the most famous golf courses in the world.  We have designed a needlepoint belt of this golf course for you to wear, including several of the course holes, and the clubhouse. The needlepoint artwork is an artistic interpretation...