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  • Classic Cars Needlepoint Belt

    Classic Cars Needlepoint Belt


    Details Over the years auto makers have channeled their passion for speed and design into some amazing cars! Our Classic Cars needlepoint belt features nine fabulous cars. Including: Ferrari 240 GT, 1959 Ford Thunderbird, Porche 356, 1959 Corvette,...

  • Bernese Mountain Dog Needlepoint Belt

    Bernese Mountain Dog Needlepoint Belt


    Details A Bernese Mountain dog is sure to take up a fair amount of space in your car and your home, but he's good natured, calm and strong. A fun and clever needlepoint belt for a perfectly preppy polished look. Features Free Monogram Needlepointed...

  • Army West Point Needlepoint Belt

    Army USMA West Point Needlepoint Belt


    Details Our West Point United States Military Academy needlepoint belt, perfectly portrays the "soldier scholar ideal". With its logo in black and gold, the sword represents the warrior ready for battle, and Athena's helmet symbolizing wisdom...

  • English Bulldog Needlepoint Belt

    English Bulldog Needlepoint Belt


    Details Truly dignified, this English Bulldog comes with a gallon of personality and an amusing sense of humor. A brief walk and a nap on the sofa, is definitely this dogs speed. He's calm, courageous, friendly, and is playfully illustrated on this...

  • Lehigh University Needlepoint Belt

    Lehigh University Needlepoint Belt


    Details Lehigh University has a spiritual heritage and has designed this school crest which is simple, and uses the expressive message of "love" -- the heart, "light" -- the sun, and "truth" -- the bible. A unique belt that will be cherished by your...

  • Duck Hunting Needlepoint Belt

    Duck Hunting Needlepoint Belt


    Details Designed for the avid duck hunter, this needlepoint belt features: a mallard, blue-winged teal, wood duck, a beretta shotgun, a shotgun shell, and a red and white english setter.Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Crew Needlepoint Belt

    Crew Needlepoint Belt


    Details Do you like to race on a crew team or perhaps watching summer regattas where a crew team competes head-to-head against other rowers is your sport. Our Crew needlepoint belt, wonderfully illustrates crew members in their racing shells with oars...

  • Hockey Gear Needlepoint Belt

    Hockey Gear Needlepoint Belt


    Details Hockey is not a sport for the passive player. Fearless combatants and relentless competitors, with fast moving action. When your done jumping onto the ice for your next shift, be sure to wear our Hockey Gear needlepoint belt.Features Free...

  • Electric Blue Black Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Black Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Black Lab Needlepoint Belt features our Brewster Silhouette, pointing to let you know there is something to see.  Choose from various color options, or get in touch with us about customizing your own version. Features Free...

  • Bates College Needlepoint Belt

    Bates College Needlepoint Belt


    Details Bates College, in Lewiston Maine, is a community vibrant in French Canadian culture, and rich in social and industrial history. On this belt we have displayed the distinguished and proud bobcat head logo of the Bates Bobcats! This logo is...

  • Grand Slam Turkey Needlepoint Belt

    Grand Slam Turkey Needlepoint Belt


    Details One of the biggest feats in turkey hunting, is a Grand Slam". Harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slam competitions, and you've completed a "slam". Beautifully designed, this belt includes...

  • Baseball Needlepoint Belt

    Baseball Needlepoint Belt


    Details "Take me out to the ball game! . . . " Ahh, the seventh inning stretch! You love baseball, a game of which you have enjoyed as a kid, and as an adult. Whether your a sideline spectator or actively play the game of baseball, we know that you'll...