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  • St. Louis Flag Needlepoint Belt

    St. Louis Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The flag of St. Louis has thick wavy lines, representing the Missouri and Mississippi rivers joining and continuing together to the right. The golden disk is a symbol of the Louisiana purchase, and is embellished with a flour-de-lis, calling...

  • World Map Needlepoint Belt

    World Map Needlepoint Belt


    Details We know the world is not flat, but it sure looks great that way on this needlepoint belt! Beautifully stitched and finished with illustrations of the earth's continents and bodies of water. A great gift idea for those who dream of traveling the...

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    Crew Paddles Needlepoint Belt

    Crew Paddles Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $165.00
    Now: $125.00

    Details Whether your fielding competitive teams or rowing for recreational enjoyment; we know you'll love wearing our Crew Paddles needlepoint belt on water or dry land! Features Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid Brass Buckle Sizing...

  • Favorite Hot Sauce Needlepoint Belt

    Favorite Hot Sauce Needlepoint Belt


    Details You will find all of your favorite hot sauces on this needlepoint belt! Flavorful images on a navy blue background include: jalapeño and habanero peppers with Yellow Bird, Secret Armadillo, Tabasco, Kill Sauce, and Howler Monkey. A belt...

  • On Sale!
    Christopher Newport University Needlepoint Belt

    Christopher Newport University CNU Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $165.00
    Now: $88.50

    Details That all familiar seafaring swashbuckler with a feather in his hat, a cape on his back, and a sword in his hand, represents a grand tradition for this university! This updated logo of "Captain Chris" is beautifully stitched and rich in...

  • MIT Campus Needlepoint Belt

    MIT Campus Needlepoint Belt


    Details This prestigious university campus located in Cambridge, Massachusetts looks great on our needlepoint belt with a panoramic view featuring: the Stat Center, Kresge, Simmons Hall, Great Dome, 77 Mass Ave, and the Green Building. Perfect for your...

  • Tennessee Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Tennessee Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Tennessee Flag is full of symbolism. The three stars represent the three "Grand Divisions" of the state; east Tennessee, middle Tennessee, and west Tennessee. The blue circle represents the unity of these three "Grand Divisions", and the...

  • Blue Ridge Mountains Needlepoint Belt

    Blue Ridge Mountains Needlepoint Belt


    Details This needlepoint belt is a timeless design that has been inspired by the Blue Ridge mountains. With a repeating mountain pattern fading into a mist, this belt makes the perfect gift for the southern hiker.  This needlepoint canvas...

  • Washington DC Needlepoint Belt

    Washington DC Needlepoint Belt


    Details Home to iconic museums and performing arts centers, and not to forget our nations capitol, this fabulous city was named in honor of George Washington in 1791. We have designed a needlepoint belt for you to wear that includes: Iwo Jima Memorial,...

  • Mississippi Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Mississippi Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This needlepoint belt features the new Mississippi state flag! Incorporating the magnolia blossom, surrounded by 20 stars, and a five point gold star at the top. A needlepoint belt we know you will be proud to wear. Features Free Monogram...

  • Canada Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Canada Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This so very recognizable Canadian maple leaf is designed so the obverse and reverse sides appear identical. Show your love of this country and wear our Canadian Flag needlepoint belt.  Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Custom Lacrosse Needlepoint Belt

    Custom Lacrosse Needlepoint Belt


    Details Sticks, helmets, balls, gloves, pads and cleats . . . a great deal of equipment for a fast paced sport. The one piece of equipment to remind you of your favorite sport when you're off of the field is our Custom Lacrosse needlepoint belt...