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  • On Sale!
    Hunting and Fishing Needlepoint Belt

    Hunting and Fishing Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $165.00
    Now: $125.00

    Details If you enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory; the mountains and water ways, along with hunting and fishing. We know you'll love wearing our handcrafted Hunting and Fishing needlepoint belt! Features Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain...

  • Aviation Needlepoint Belt

    Aviation Needlepoint Belt


    Details Airplane travel has come a long way since the days of "aviation pioneers" Orville and Wilbur Wright! We have designed a needlepoint belt with some of today's most innovative airplanes to include: Airbus a340, Bombardier Challenger, Airbus a380,...

  • Rocky Mountain Needlepoint Belt

    Rocky Mountain Needlepoint Belt


    Details There is nothing like the spectacular and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains! The "Rockies" spread from British Columbia and Alberta in Canada down through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. We know you'll love wearing...

  • South Bend Landscape Needlepoint Belt University of Notre Dame

    South Bend Landscape Needlepoint Belt


    Details This needlepoint belt features many of the landmarks located in South Bend Indiana, and on the Notre Dame University campus including: the Grotto, Knute Rockne Hall, LaFortune Student Center, Library (Touchdown Jesus), Football Stadium, the...

  • Welsh Corgi Needlepoint Belt

    Welsh Corgi Needlepoint Belt


    Details Affectionate, alert, smart, and polite, a Welsh Corgi makes the perfect pet. This "big dog on short legs" is the Queen of England's favorite dog; having had over 30 Corgis in her lifetime. Our Welsh Corgi needlepoint belt will definitely...

  • German Shepherd Needlepoint Belt

    German Shepherd Needlepoint Belt


    Details The German Shepherd with its look of nobility and quality, is one of Americas most popular dog breeds. Known for their intelligence, trainability, strength, and ability to work; this dog will also be your "best friend". A clever gift idea for...

  • On Sale!
    Blue Ridge Mountain Range Needlepoint Belt

    Blue Ridge Mountain Range Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $175.00
    Now: $145.00

    Details This needlepoint belt features a timeless design that was inspired by the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains! Beautifully crafted with tan leather, a brass buckle and ready to ship. Features Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid...

  • National Parks Needlepoint Belt

    National Parks Needlepoint Belt


    Details You'll love wearing these National Parks beautifully stitched in a panoramic view on this needlepoint belt! The National Parks included on this design are: Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Tetons, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier and...

  • Baltimore Landscape Needlepoint Belt

    Baltimore Landscape Needlepoint Belt


    Details Baltimore, Maryland is also known as the "City of Neighborhoods", with its many historic and hip neighborhoods, famous museums, culinary treats, and historical seaport "Fort McHenry". Our needlepoint belt of this area includes a panoramic view...

  • Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Belt

    Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Belt


    Details The phrase "man's best friend" is especially true for the Chocolate Lab. A dog who will always have your back, will be quick to forgive, and is always excited to join you in any adventure, especially if there is a little green ball involved...

  • Tennessee Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Tennessee Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Tennessee Flag is full of symbolism. The three stars represent the three "Grand Divisions" of the state; east Tennessee, middle Tennessee, and west Tennessee. The blue circle represents the unity of these three "Grand Divisions", and the...

  • Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt

    Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt


    Details An angler who appreciates the time and detail involved in creating and tying a fly, will appreciate the detail and craftsmanship put into this needlepoint belt. Featuring the flies that are exactly what is needed to catch that elusive fish...