Some Little-Known Facts About the Super Bowl

And, just like that, another football season is wrapping up. Here are some little known facts about the Super Bowl if you want to drop some knowledge at a Super Bowl party this Sunday, even if you're only watching for the commercials or the halftime show:

  • At-home fans will eat about 1.33 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Before 1991, marching bands usually performed Super Bowl halftime shows. The New Kids on the Block was the first pop act.
  • The Super Bowl trophy is made by Tiffany & Co. and cost $25,000.
  • 72 game balls are used during the Super Bowl (and we don't want to hear about Deflategate anymore!).
  • Gamblers wagered a record $132.5 million on Super Bowl 50.
  • Thanks to Forbes and USA Today for providing these interesting Super Bowl facts!

    So, that brings us to needlepoint....

    "Huh? It does? What does needlepoint have to do with football," you ask.

    Absolutely nothing....Well, unless you like to needlepoint while watching football. (Yes, that's a thing). But, for those of you who aren't into needlepoint stitching parties, you can still enjoy wearing a hand-stitched needlepoint football belt. It's the perfect accessory for football fans, even in the off-season.

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    If you want to be able to jump on any bandwagon, show your lack of commitment...uhem...your love for the sport with a good old basic football needlepoint belt.

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    If you’re a college football fan, you might consider sporting a college campus needlepoint belt featuring your favorite college football team's stadium and other campus buildings. College campus belts are available for any college!

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    Not much left to say other than: Go, team...and don't get buffalo sauce on the couch.

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