2017 Solar Eclipse: Commemorate the Occasion

On Monday, August 21, 2017 Americans in 14 states from, Oregon to South Carolina, will experience a total eclipse of the sun. The moon will completely cover the sun as as it makes its way around the Earth that day (at least from our perspective). Each location along the “path of totality” will be able to see the total solar eclipse for approximately two minutes and forty seconds. Those outside of the path will see a partial eclipse. The further away you are from the path of totality, the smaller the percentage of the sun that will be covered. Of course, if you turn on your TV, you will be able to watch the eclipse live from several locations across the United States and you won't even need protective glasses.

Solar System Planet Needlepoint Belt Eclipse 

Personalize this solar system belt with your initials or "2017" to commemorate this year's solar eclipse.

The continental United States has not witnessed a total solar eclipse in 38 years, so many people will be seeing the first solar eclipse of their lifetime, which is why there is so much excitement around the event. If you’re a solar system or space buff, check out Brewster Belt Company’s Solar System Needlepoint Belt featuring the planets and….If you look closely, you can see the solar eclipse on the belt. For an added touch, this belt can be personalized with initials or the year “2017” (to commemorate the eclipse).

Oregon Flag 2017 Eclipse Path of Totality Commemorate the 2017 Total Eclipse in Oregon with an Oregon Flag Needlepoint Dog Collar - Personalize it with the year "2017"

Whether you live in Oregon or are traveling there to be among the first Americans to view the total solar eclipse, commemorate the event with an Oregon Flag Needlepoint Belt or an Oregon Flag Needlepoint Dog Collar for your furry friends. To mark the occasion, add a “2017” monogram to the belt or dog collar.

2017 Eclipse Maine Flag Needlepoint Belt 

Add the year "2017" to commemorate the last location of the Great American Eclipse - U.S. Maine Flag Needlepoint Belt

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse path of totality in the U.S. will end in the state of South Carolina. And, in case you were wondering, Brewster Belt Company also has a belt for that....and a wallet...and a dog collar. Check out all of the South Carolina needlepoint accessories here.

South Carolina Wallet 

South Carolina is the last U.S. state in the 2017 eclipse path of totality

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

If you’re disappointed that you’re not in the path of totality for the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse, there is another solar eclipse coming to North America in 2024. The path of totality for the eclipse in 2024 will stretch from Texas to Maine.

If you're looking forward to the 2024 Total Eclipse, the path of totality in the U.S. will kick off in the Great State of Texas. Get ready for the big day with a Texas Flag Needlepoint Belt or a Texas State Needlepoint Belt or a Texas Dog Collar.

[caption id="attachment_492" align="alignnone" width="694"]2017 Eclipse Maine Flag Needlepoint Belt Add the year "2024" to commemorate the last location of the 2024 U.S. Eclipse - Maine Flag Needlepoint Belt[/caption]

In 2024, those in Maine will be the last to see the total solar eclipse as it completes its path across the United States. For lucky Maine residents and visitors anticipating their path of totality viewing opportunity or wanting to express their love for the State of Maine, check out Brewster Belt Company's Maine Flag Needlepoint Belt or this American Flag Maine State Needlepoint Belt, which can be personalized with the year "2024."

Enjoy the total solar eclipse and don't forget to use your viewing glasses!

2017 Solar Eclipse Planet Needlepoint Belt

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