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Needlepoint Belts

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    Blue Geometric Needlepoint Belt

    Blue Geometric Needlepoint Belt

    Was: $165.00
    Now: $145.00

    Details For work or for play, this blue geometric design is perfect for all occasions. This will be your new favorite "go to" needlepoint belt! Features Needlepointed by Hand Top Grain Leather Solid Brass Buckle Sizing Instructions Your waist...

  • Tennessee Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Tennessee Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Tennessee Flag is full of symbolism. The three stars represent the three "Grand Divisions" of the state; east Tennessee, middle Tennessee, and west Tennessee. The blue circle represents the unity of these three "Grand Divisions", and the...

  • Cape Cod Island Needlepoint Belt

    Cape Cod Island Needlepoint Belt


    Details One of New England's crown jewels; Cape Cod is a favorite tourist destination. That familiar island shape is instantly recognized and makes the perfect preppy belt. Understated with a classic color combination, the perfect addition to the...

  • World Soccer Needlepoint Belt

    World Soccer Needlepoint Belt


    Details For the fans of the most popular pastime around the world, we have designed a belt for you! Our World Soccer needlepoint belt features colorful soccer balls in a variety of different patterns.  Features Free Monogram Needlepointed...

  • Shark Needlepoint Belt

    Shark Needlepoint Belt


    Details Our Shark needlepoint belt is for the fisherman who loves the open sea, or someone who has a great respect and appreciation of the confident and strong shark. On the rich ocean blue background you will see from left to right: the Hammerhead...

  • Early Americas Cup Yachts Needlepoint Belt

    Early Americas Cup Yachts Needlepoint Belt


    Details The Early Americas Cup Yachts Needlepoint Belt features seven Americas Cup winning boats including: America, Mischief, Magic, Enterprise, Defender, Intrepid, and Rainbow. The perfect gift for the captain in your life. Features Free...

  • Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Belt

    Boykin Spaniel Needlepoint Belt


    Details This belt design features the friendly, smart and easy to train, Boykin Spaniel with his easily recognized brown fur coat. Every Boykin Spaniel Belt order will go towards supporting the Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc! Features Free...

  • Favorite Hot Sauce Needlepoint Belt

    Favorite Hot Sauce Needlepoint Belt


    Details You will find all of your favorite hot sauces on this needlepoint belt! Flavorful images on a navy blue background include: jalapeño and habanero peppers with Yellow Bird, Secret Armadillo, Tabasco, Kill Sauce, and Howler Monkey. A belt...

  • Preppy Mallard Needlepoint Belt

    Preppy Mallard Needlepoint Belt


    Details Mother nature has a way of creating beautiful color combinations to adorn the environment. A mallard duck is no exception; with his distinctive green head, black tail-curl, white neck ring and yellow bill. Wear the beautiful colors nature...

  • Spirit of 76 Needlepoint Belt

    Spirit of 76 Needlepoint Belt


    Details What better evokes the nostalgia of the "Spirit of '76" flag than the original Bennington Flag. With its thirteen stars, and thirteen stripes, symbolic of the original thirteen colonies; and the '76, symbolic of when the Declaration of...

  • Mississippi Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Mississippi Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This needlepoint belt features the new Mississippi state flag! Incorporating the magnolia blossom, surrounded by 20 stars, and a five point gold star at the top. A needlepoint belt we know you will be proud to wear. Features Free...

  • Canada Flag Needlepoint Belt

    Canada Flag Needlepoint Belt


    Details This so very recognizable Canadian maple leaf is designed so the obverse and reverse sides appear identical. Show your love of this country and wear our Canadian Flag needlepoint belt.  Features Free Monogram Needlepointed by Hand Top...